Thursday, June 02, 2011

by Robin

Did you ever meet somebody who was very puffed up & filled with pride in themselves? Sure you have. We all have known or seen somebody like this. I think of people like this every time we catch a puffer fish.

They're absolutely worthless to eat. Not much to look at. Steal your bait intended for something else. And then, they waddle away as if to gloat in their pride. Sometimes they refuse to leave the net or hook and they *know* you don't want to touch them. They're filled with poison in their spines & in their meat.


There is a guy in the Bible much like that. His name is Adonijah. He was totally spoiled and ended up being King.... for a while. Fortunately for this fish, he ended up free whereas Adonijah didn't. His pride & selfishness ended up being the death of him.

1 Kings 1:5,6

At this time Adonijah, whose mother was Haggith, puffed himself up saying, "I'm the next king!" He made quite a splash, with chariots and riders and fifty men to run ahead of him. His father had spoiled him rotten as a child, never once reprimanding him. Besides that, he was very good-looking and the next in line after Absalom.

1 Kings 2:25

King Solomon dispatched Benaiah son of Jehoiada; he struck Adonijah and he died.

So, the lesson here is not to puff yourself full of hot air and useless to those around you. You may just end up toxic, if not dead.

God bless & Happy Fishing

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