Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm alive!! Really, really I am.

I've got another month of being so full with kid competitions and then life will begin to wind down from schooling demands and change over to fishing. We look forward to migrating cobia, mahi and maybe even tuna.

Oh, how we all look forward to those warm months of being on the boat, scouting for pelagics.

For now, we'll probably continue saving money for that time and eat the frozen bags of fish that we already have in the deep freeze. My eldest cooked a bag of mahi from May 30th, yesterday for lunch. I took pictures and will do my best to post them up soon. He's carrying on the tradition of cooking like his father. Not to say I don't cook, but Jack is king of seafood & fish seasoning, grilling, frying, steaming, etc.

Tomorrow is going to be an excellent day for fishing but we're heading out for Lego League Regionals with our son & other engineers-to-be. Maybe next weekend.

Happy Fishing!

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