Tuesday, August 04, 2009

by Robin

I had to go to W *M ....t tonight to look for one of those TopSpot fishing maps for the West Coast of Florida. I walked through the fishing section of the store and while browsing their selections, a store employee came over to see if he could help me.

It was very obvious at first glance that the man was missing his left arm from the elbow down. I did my best to smile big and not look at it. For me, I want anybody with any disability to feel very comfortable in my presence so I go above & beyond to make them feel 'normal.' So, after our conversation and I thanked him, I began to walk away when.........

Oh no..... not that thought. You know.... the ones you shouldn't have but you do. And if that wasn't bad enough, it's a down-right funny thought that you KNOW is wrong. Like redneck wrong.

I kept myself walking away from him although I was dying to ask him if he lost his limb by a shark. And what type of shark it was. And was that incident something that sparked him to work at the fishing department? And did he feel like he was specially qualified to work there since he'd lost his arm that way?

Oh man..... these things always happen to me when watching SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel. (which happens to be this week!)

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