Wednesday, August 05, 2009

by Robin

One thing that concerned me with heading into the Gulf of Mexico was becoming part of the food chain. I mean, seriously, when you enter the water, you have to think of these things. It's not just me entering the water, it's the kids too. They're smaller and would definitely be seen as easy targets for sharks.

So after a few panic attacks, Jack called me into the computer room to show me this map.


I didn't get the key copied as well, but red has the most bites, blue in the next zone and green with a minimal amount of bites and tan with no bites reported at all since 1882. See Hernando? See Cedar Key? We'll be swimming in that area, about 5 miles off from land, but strangely enough, in about 4-6 ft of water. Characteristically, sharks must not like this area because it is so shallow and yet gators think it is way too far off for themselves. So, it is like a perfect little area for family recreation.... oh and for scallops. Cedar Key is actually the Clam Capital of the World, so I'm not surprised their tasty bi-valve cousins are plentiful just south of that.

In a couple days, I should be able to post up pictures of our scalloping "staycation". Crystal River is only 2 hrs 24 min from our house, according to mapquest. We are over there with our boat. I brought my camera AND I bought underwater disposable cameras to take pictures too.

Happy Fishing!!

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