Saturday, July 25, 2009

by Robin

Wow, what a high. We booked a room for 3 nights in Crystal river ten days from now. I can't believe it. We got such a bargain with William Shatner!! LOL. Even our dogs get to come with us!

The most exciting part is that our hotel is next to a marina and they are housing our boat for the 3 days. Yipee!!

Ack.... did I mention I'm excited? We're going scalloping.

Oh gee.... I need to clear off the camera, charge the batteries, maybe buy more batteries, get more memory, dust off snorkel gear...... Somebody pinch me.

Happy Fishing...... I have to go happy dancing.


Connordog said...

I used to scallop on Crystal River growing up. Have fun!

Renee said...

Crystal River? Isn't that where Jason from Friday the 13th lived? Seriously where is it? Sounds like long as Jason isn't there..