Friday, July 03, 2009


Jack and Jeff did have a nice day on the water but there wasn't much activity where the fish were concerned. They landed a nice 14-15 lb bull dolphin, a barracuda which they released, and then called it a day. I took a picture but won't upload it until tomorrow.

It wasn't the slammer day that Jack had hoped to have, but some days are like that. The moon is at half phase. Water was dirty and not very blue, even as far out as 30 miles (225 ft). Wind ouf of the west, approx 5-10 mph. No weeds, no rips, no baitballs on top of the water, no birds working the water, nothing. Jack tried working with a planer as a downrigger. It was unsuccessful. It's possible but that particular one wasn't big enough. Back to the drawing board.

Happy Boating for the 4th of July!!! Be safe out there.

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