Friday, July 24, 2009

by Robin

We like to call this the Capt Jack Mango Attack, created by my hubby & named by the kids.


We discovered this one day while we were cooking seafood. We love fresh mangos, so we searched the store for anything mango. We were able to find mango puree and mango juices. Sometimes they're in the specialty part of your store w/ high priced anti-oxidant juices. If you don't want to pay that, it is easy to make puree w/ a very ripened mango(s) in a blender.

Either way, fill about half the blender w/ mango puree (2 c) and add another 2c of ice. This can also be split w/ 1c ice & 1c mango-flavored juice. Blend away until it resembles a slushee. Then, layer slushee & marchino cherry juice in a tall cup/ glass (if your kids won't break it). Top it w/ some cherries. Yummy.

This is colorful, tasty, refreshing and healthy.

Here's some nutritional info on mangos!
* Mango, being high in calories and carbohydrates, is good for those who are trying to gain weight.
* The phenolic compound found in mangoes has been found to have powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties.
* Being high in iron, mango is said to be very good for pregnant women as well as for people suffering from anemia.
* Mango is believed to be effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin.
* The vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E and selenium present in mangoes provide protection against heart disease.
* Mangoes have been found to be quite helpful in treating acidity and poor digestion.
* It is being said that the Vitamin E present in mango helps hormonal system function more efficiently and thus, boosts "private" life.
* The anti-inflammatory properties of mango might help alleviate asthma symptoms.

Did I forget to mention that we're growing a mango tree in our backyard? I can't wait for it to start blooming any year now. It's 2 yrs old already.

Happy Fishing!! We're at the beach today!

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