Friday, July 31, 2009

by Robin

Oh, it's been way too long since my last blog. This is the busiest week I've had in a long time. Summer is coming to a close and our big summer musical is near performance. Homeschool co-op is starting up. And we're taking a vacation smack in the middle lull of it all. It couldn't fall better into the dates that were picked months ago.

I have pictures that I'll try to post later, but we're pulling scuba flags out of the attic, dive gear is getting inspected, and suitcases are getting packed. Jack has secured a borrowed kayak to take along with us. It should be fantastic for "skinny" water fishing or snorkeling. I borrow a mini shop-vac for cleaning scallops. I would post the YouTube link but the lady is not properly dressed for my G-rated site.

We're just 2 1/2 days away from Crystal River Vacationing!!

Happy Fishing,

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