Friday, January 23, 2009

On Hold.....

with Lowrance. I have got to complain that they have the WORST customer service I've ever seen. If you go on their website, they make it hard for you to get their phone number. Once you get the number and push the button for technical, you get a message that says they'll call you back in 48 hrs. Then, I called again and am waiting to speak with a representative. It's only been 15 minutes so far. If it is anything like Jack's wait a couple weeks ago, I've got 45 minutes to go.

By the way, you cannot send anything into the factory without calling them first and getting the precious RA #. Supposedly, you can get one on the website but it's down for "technical servicing". Call the number, it's the recording. This STINKS!!

While we like the Lowrance product, I'm not sure we'd buy another one just based on their terrible customer service.

E'nuf said........ Happy Fishing for those of you who aren't freezing.

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Robin's Reports said...

update: It requires a 3-5 wk turn-around time frame.

It's been there for 10 days and still waiting in line to be opened and inspected. There are only 20 people in the technical shop.