Tuesday, January 27, 2009

by Robin

Many times, I like to take you from fish to plate. Today is no different.

Back in early August, Jack, the kids and I went buddy boating with a coworker, John and his wife. Buddy boating is when we keep tabs on each other's whereabouts but don't fish on top of each other. We met up a couple times that day when each of us had found some fish.

We had a blast catching our first sailfish, some dolphin and then headed deep (225 ft) where Jack almost had a heart attack bringing in this Warsaw Grouper. I can't remember the exact weight, but I think it was roughly 25 lbs.


Well, we were hungry for fish and it was time to eat up some older frozen stuff before it went bad. I love cooking as a family. I worked on the veggies and other sides while Jack and our eldest seasoned the grouper & took it to the grill.


Here is a close-up of those steaks (fish). Oh yum!! Jack tried a new Cajun spice on there and while the guys loved it, it was a sinus-thrill for me. When grilling, it is important to get a little crunchy outside which holds in the moisture but also enhances the experience (our opinion!).

Now, be sure that your fish is flakey white and not raw on the inside. These were thick steaks so we had to take our time to cook thoroughly yet not char the outside. Jack is a great griller.

The guys had other starchy sides but I'm trying to stick better to my veggies, hence the asparagus and salad. I couldn't resist one biscuit with honey on top. It's my guilty pleasure. LOL

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm hoping that soon we'll be out fishing again. We have free Mondays the 2nd and 9th if the weather will cooperate with us. (pray)

Happy Fishing!!

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