Monday, December 15, 2008

by Robin

Well, actually, God & the banks approved. East Coast Trailers (here) is building us a trailer to meet our boat specs and we'll get to pick it up next Monday in St. Petersburg. This picture below is essentially what we're getting.


We are very excited about the prospects of trailering the boat around Florida to new locations. It is a dream that might come true to fish the Keys in our own boat.

Coincidentally, Jack found our exact same boat for sale and it happens to be sitting on the same exact trailer that we're purchasing. So, you'll get to see pretty much what we'll see live in another week.


Btw, this boat would be an excellent purchase for anyone looking to buy our exact set-up and start offshore fishing. I'm going to link you to the owner & pictures here .

There were many reasons for getting a new trailer. Our old one is 21 yrs old. It is falling apart piece by piece.


We had to remove the fenders, which in turn, the tires now send dirt & rocks up into the sides of the boat. Not good... especially after doing the makeover.

God knew that we needed all 4 wheels to have those special brakes in case of emergency braking. This will help save the transmission on our new suburban as well. I'm sure that is what hurt our former transmission, or at least contributed to its downfall.

God also knew that I was beginning to lose faith in our winch. Last time we were out fishing, I had a near-accident happen at the ramp where the boat & winch didn't work right and through a blessing of God, my arm was not in the way of a free-flowing winch crank that could have broke my hand or arm. And as if by miracle of an angel, the winch locked itself at one point during the incident. I cannot explain it away so I won't even try. It's just a miracle how it all happened. I'm happy to be having new equipment.

Last, but not least, we were blessed with a dealer price because fishermen help out one another, especially when they have to move inventory. Thank you Steve, "FishOn", for your fantastic offer. (If you ever happen to see this blog.)

The seas are still high so you'll have to suffer through trailer instead of fishing pictures this week. Now, when our seas are high, we can head south or over to the Gulf and still be able to fish.

Happy Fishing!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin! This is Janet, 5Kidsin5Years from the forums. Haven't talked to ya in a long time, but I'll have to email you a Christmas card. Hope you have a blessed Christmas!