Sunday, December 28, 2008

IRON CHEF secret ingredient- Cobia!
by Robin

"The farm-raised Cobia, developed through a joint venture of MariCal of Portland, Maine and Blue Ridge Aquaculture of Martinsville, Virginia, was selected by Food Network to be the “secret ingredient” on the Iron Chef America episode where British chef Jamie Oliver competed against series regular Iron Chef Mario Batali in Kitchen Stadium."

Cobia have only been "farm-raised" since May 2007.

It is a good thing those were farm-raised fish because I was highly mad when I saw them take undersized cobia from those tanks. In the Atlantic Ocean, our cobia have to be over 33" at the fork to be harvest. Those fish ranged between 18-24".

Oh and as for the one chef's big stink about the I've caught, cleaned, cooked and eaten cobia for the past 6 years. They have SKIN. I have never seen a single scale come off a cobia. I guarantee you, the very next cobia I get my hands on, I will be going over its skin to search for any area that would have scales. I will report it back here ASAP.

(Btw, this cobia was 60+ lbs and wouldn't have fit in that Iron Chef tank.)

PS: Fishing trip has been moved from Mon to Wed. Pray for "S",10 yo fishing girl, 3rd degree burns to her leg from a dirt bike's exhaust pipe falling on her. This is our fishing buddy Mike's daugher, so we may fish out of our own boat, depending on what's going on for their family, hospital, doctors, etc.

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