Monday, December 22, 2008

by Robin

They're here!!! I'm starting to see the first fishing reports come in with blackfin tuna in the pics. While nowhere near the size or as popular as their yellowfin cousins, they still eat just fine in our books. Some mahi are showing back up as they travel back down the coast to warmer waters for the winter. This is all reverse of what happens in the spring.

The N.Right whales have also passed through the area, followed by the cobia. Now, the mahi and blkfin tuna are here. Yipee.

As weather & holidays permit, we'd like to make our next trip primarily a trolling one and try to land some tuna.

Here is a link to some stats on the Blackfin Tuna which are generally in the under 20 lb class.

I have never caught one of these before, but it is time to check them off my list of things to catch. The 2 pictured below were caught in mid-Nov of 2006 by Jack & some friends. They're rather small but still a legal catch in our waters.

Tuesday, we'll be adjusting the new trailer to the Mako's specifics measurements at the river docks. I hope the weather will warm up a bit more in the afternoon. It's getting cold tonight. (Florida cold, that is)

Florida pompano have also been showing up on the beaches all month long. The reason why I haven't gotten any for Christmas dinner is because you have to be fishing as the sun rises, on the cold, windy beach, with a bag full of clams. Between the eye issues, winter cold air and cold symptoms going around each family member, we've not had time to take advantage of this awesome dinner fare.
(Pic from 2004 - Christmas pompano)

Maybe I can talk Jack into it on Christmas Eve. On the way home, we can stop off at Atlantic Seafood Market and pick up the rest of our Christmas feast of snow crab legs, clams & shrimp.

Happy Fishing and most of all, Merry Christmas!!

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