Wednesday, August 15, 2007

update on Malachi 3:

Jack came in the door this morning saying a friend at work is giving him a paint sprayer - brand-new, in the box, never used. He's had it for years and didn't see the point of keeping around something he wasn't using. Another friend is loaning Jack a big air compressor. A man at the local marina showed us how to put our boat on blocks for when we get her ready for painting. Things are coming together at a very rapid pace. I'm so excited.

On a separate note, Jack was given 2 free tickets to Universal Studios to celebrate his company's major anniversary. Well, the secretary had 2 extra tickets that somebody else wasn't able to use and gave those to us as well - so we're doing Universal Studios for free in a couple weeks. Another blessing!

God has been so good to us.

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Renee said...


God is growing faith in those sett boys of yours! \o/

Love you