Sunday, August 19, 2007

Food Network had the Seafood Challenge cook-off today. It repeats again all week.

If you love to cook seafood, you'll want to look over these recipes. We make cooking an event at our house. Jack and I both get in there and get creative. Our kids are food critics. They love to determine what fish they are eating. They love crabs, clams, calamari and most fish. They weren't too fond of the dryness from Wahoo or the oilyness from the Mackeraels. For me, one of my favorites is Tripletail which made it's debut on the cook-off. I'd have to say the Mahi Mahi is a close 2nd. Then, the Snapper, Blk Sea Bass, Cobia, certain Groupers all fall into a tie for 3rd. Dead last is shark. First, for conservation reasons. Secondly, if a shark is not prepared correctly right from the boat (you don't want to know), it can leave the worst smell & taste in your tastebuds. Below are 2 recipes that I will be recreating from our kitchen (minus the Caviar).

Pan Roast Louisiana Blackfish with Corn, Crab and Caviar
(by Chef John Besh - Louisiana - took 1st place)

Uncle Bubba's Seafood Pot Pie (by Chef Paula Deen - Georgia)
They were missing the 1 recipe I really wanted with the Red Snapper from N. Carolina. Looked delicious.
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Anonymous said...

Paula puts the same topping on her chicken pot pie so that she can cook big amounts of the chicken stuff in bulk, then get out individual servings that look dainty. If the seafood pot pie was half as good as the chicken pot pie, it was worth the work!!!!