Thursday, August 09, 2007

8/3/07 Fishing Report & 8/11/07 Boat show

I didn't have a lot of time to report this week that Jack, Bill and John had gone fishing on Friday. The short story was that they had trouble finding snapper. Lots of sharks were caught & released. They did find some nice black sea bass and triggers. They kept only 3 bsb and 1 large trigger. They went out to 140 ft to start and worked their way back in to port. No rain that day. The heat, as many of you know, was unbearable. We cleaned the fish on Saturday and had fried fish. Yummy.
This weekend, instead of fishing, we're heading to Orlando for the Central Florida boat show , being held at the Convention Center. No, we're not selling or trading in our boat, but we do want to step on the other boats and check prices for a new trailer.
More than 300 boats representing over 50 manufacturers will be on the show floor, ready to be boarded for a closer look, including: Fishing boats, family boats, cruisers, wakeboard boats, sailboats, sportboats and yachts Runabouts, pontoons and deck boats Marine electronics, motors and accessories Personal watercraft and canoes.
The 18th Annual Hot Summer Boat Show has a reputation as being a fun family show. Each year our incredible Kids Zone becomes more elaborate and creative, making the show a great enticement for fun family entertainment, all included in the price of admission

Last night, the shuttle took off and we were preparing for our Team Kids Revival, so we were at church. Many of our early showers also ran out of the church to catch a glimpse of this spectaculuar sight. Captain Jack set his alarm clock and watched it from the driveway and then went back to sleep. It is never something I want to get bored of seeing.
Behind the car, you can barely see a Fire Station. On the roof were 3 firemen. I wish I had had the zoom ability to capture that.

Have a wonderful family weekend,
PS: I'll have boat show pictures for you next weekend. I'll be sitting on my yacht, of course. ha ha.

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