Sunday, August 05, 2007

Miscellaneous pictures from the week.....

These are from 7/29's fishing trip. While poor Jack had to replace the fuel filter, the kids and I walked the dock and came across this young sea turtle taking a nap. I woke him up to feed him some squid (not w/a hook attached).

Here is Jack in the full Florida heat working on the fuel filter. We were back underway by 10am.

This is the ride back home after some unintentional shark fishing. My eldest is getting a lesson in using & reading the instruments, including the GPS. I think we cruised back in to port approx 31-34 mph.

If you think car miledge stinks, you should try getting 2-4 mpg in a boat. Because of the resistance water gives, boats get NOTHING close to what a car gets on the road.

Somebody turned 11 this week!! I can't believe it. Little brother took the picture.

Celebrate life. Rejoice in all things. God has been good to us.

PS: Updated on Ashley's World Record. I believe it is a done deal; however, the pictures finally came back and I'm sorry to post how disappointed I am in my "hero". I guess it is another reminder for what a world we live in. If you let a young lady hang out with a bunch of men, all night long, boozing it up while billfish fishing, I suppose you get some very unlady-like behavior. That's all I'm going to say about it.

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Knatolee said...

OH, I love the shot of the baby sea turtle. I'm sure he enjoyed the squid!

And happy 11th bd to your son! :)