Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TUNA Report

Sadly, there is little to report tonight. It was a very disappointing and costly day on the water. Five men, $650 in gas, over 88 miles offshore, seeing tuna and pilot whales and the radar screen goes *blip* and dies. Not good. They tried what they could to bring it back to life but it wasn't happening. Without radar, there is no tuna fishing. You need the radar to see where birds are feeding off the surface of the water. When you find the birds, you find the fish.

The guys tried to catch the tuna in their immediate area but they wouldn't bite. Jack saw one tuna go airborne. After that, it was a loss and they headed back in for the quietest 2 hr ride home.

We will continue with our original plans of fishing on Friday for mahi mahi. I'm just so excited to be getting out of the house.

Offtopic - the weather was suppose to be wonderful today and we had t-storms pop up around 4 pm. I was rather glad to see the guys come in early because these would have been no fun to run around when offshore.

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