Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smoked Kingfish Dip

First, catch one nice sized legal Kingfish. We happened to have one laying around from Bill and Jack's fishing trip on Friday.

Be sure to have your wife filet the fish while you pretend to service the grill. (This works all the time for Capt Jack.) ha ha

Put a few seasonings on the raw meat. I'm not sure what Jack used. I think there was some salt, pepper, Old Bay and maybe garlic powder. (?)

Fire up your smoker or a grill that has a place for you to smoke up some wood chips (made for smoking). When fileting your fish, leave the skin on. That will help keep the moisture on the heated side of the fish. We also lay down foil to keep it all together.

Smoking is a long process that can take hours. We tried to speed up the process on our grill and so this time, it was only 2 hrs. Normally, we smoke in a smoker as an all-day event.

lemon slices
prepared horseradish
fine diced onion
cajun seasoning
fine diced jalapeno
Worcestershire sauce

Remove skin & dark meat from fish. Put fish in mixing bowl & smash w/ fork.Add heaping tablespoon of mayo, teaspoon or two of horseradish, splash of Worcestershire, tablespoon of onion, teaspoon of Jalapeno. Squeeze in a lemon slice and sprinkle w/ Cajun seasoning. Mix thoroughly, chill for ½ hour in fridge & mix again. Eat on crackers or toasted bagel slices.

NOTES:Add or delete, in whatever quantities, any above ingredients to suit your taste. (we didn't have Worcheshire, so we put in Soy and didn't use Jalapenos.) Also, we topped our dip with a little Paprika for color.

Here is the last requirement. Find a few people in the house that love seafood dishes and give them some dip & crackers. They will love it.

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