Saturday, June 09, 2007

6/9/07 Mama's Turn

The ride out - beautiful. Blue upon blue.

NOAA called for 5 ft seas, but it was 1 ft @ 9 sec intervals. (Listen to NOAA, never go-a)

By 8:30am, the overflow parking lot was nearly full from all the weekend boaters.

My first barracuda and first fish of the day. Quick release by cutting the line near the mouth.
Little man caught his too and so did Jack/Big Brother co-retrieved a 3rd.

They're strong fighters at first, but then they give up and lay on the water like their dead. When Jack went to get the hook out, all of them came back to life and started thrashing with teeth. Stinkers! One jumped his way back into the boat. Some people eat smaller barracudas but we released all three of ours.

My first Mahi Mahi - small but still a keeper. We had a 2nd that popped the outrigger but never stayed on. I was blessed to have seen it from the Driver's seat.

Stopped trolling for a while to catch some of these. Little man was so proud of his big haul.

Here is big brother and his near keeper ARS. He fought like crazy to bring this one up.

Look at the beautiful red on these fish. We all got a chance to bottom fish. It was good fun even though we didn't bring home any keepers. Jack did a great job of finding the snapper holes & wreck debris.

Near the inlet, on the ride back in to port, I captured this picture of a passing sailboat.
We also had the pleasure of seeing a Naval Battleship too. My little man loves stuff like that.

This blog was thrown together very late & I was exhausted, so it is subject to plenty of editing tomorrow.

Happy Fishing,


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