Friday, June 22, 2007

FRIDAY's FISHING for bottom dwellers

Jack and Bill left about 7:30 am for their offshore adventure. The kids and I were invited but I had stayed up very late with working on a wall mural and felt like a Mac Truck had hit me. The men were happy to have a guys day out, I'm sure. They were going to go out looking for snapper and groupers.

So, like I mentioned above, I'm muraling. No, not miming, but muraling...... painting pictures on my wall. As I do it, I always wonder why. I spent dozens of hours only to have something that I will eventually paint over one day. Disposable masterpieces, unless you're Michaelangelo. For bathrooms though, it seems like a great solution to prevent artwork from getting moisture onto it during showering. This mural will sit in our hallway bath where guests can enjoy as much as our own family.

I'll give you a sneak preview of the process. I will preface it by saying it is nowhere near done. I don't like my blending in the 2 big fish and all is subject to some heavy RE-painting. Mostly, things are what I call "blocked in". Stuff is in place but the detail needs to be hammered out.

Start by taping off your area with painter's tape. Put in your background color.

Next, I put in a little background reef to give myself perspective. You can already see some of the outlines of the fish's tails if you look real hard. (left)

Here, you see I needed to put some fish in. Partially for encouragement and partially to see where exactly my reef will sit.

By midnight, I was washing paintbrushes and calling it a night. I had worked about 11 hours to bring it this far. The colors are too bold but they're there and will be softened up over the course of today.

I have the original work (in a magazine) by Carey Chen taped up on the wall for reference. I loved this picture the moment I saw it. The largest species are mutton snapper. The yellow torpedos are Yellowtail Snapper. There are a few other reef fish, 1 being a French grunt.

Be sure to check back in a couple days to see what Jack brings in for the grill and for pictures of the completed mural.

Happy Fishing & Draw a fish!
UPDATE: It's done!!

Close-ups you can click on
Jack and Bill's manatee encounter while trying to leave the dock. It refused to move away from the boat and so they took the opportunity to pet it. It makes me wonder if he was ever rehab'd with people or is s/he truly a wild manatee. From the size of the nose, I'd say this one was still a teenager.
In the cooler, there is a Kingfish and a huge Lane Snapper. No story yet.
Have a wonderful weekend,

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Sharie said...

Awesome! Bet your boys are thrilled with the fishies in the bath! Hope you've recovered!