Friday, June 08, 2007


To start our trip, I remember asking Jack is the clouds were suppose to burn off this morning and he replied, "Oh clouds are good for mahi fishing." Hmmm.....
Our offshore morning turned out to be not so very far offshore. After 11 miles of vrooming (kid talk), we saw an active thunderstorm cell NE of us. We stopped dead in our tracks and put on NOAA weather radio and then tried to raise a few friends on the VHS radio. As it turned out, not only was the storm cell heading towards us but multiple rain clouds ended up filling the rest of the skies. We had no choice but to head back west to shore as the sky seemed to grow into one large black cloud.

We had some very disappointed people onboard, including Bill our fishing partner. He and I had high expectations of catching our first mahi mahi. For me, technically, I've made a few assists but never a solo. As we neared the beaches, we noticed clean, green water. This is the King fish's favorite type. We tried one last ditch effort near the beaches for them since Mahi was no longer an option. We saw a few fish jump, which vaguely looked like good size Crevelle Jacks. We trolled around them as well with no nibble on our poles.

By this point, it is 11am, we're still in light rain sprinkles and lunch looks like a better option. We went to Lagoonz on US1, which makes some of the best taco salads, salads and seafood platters in the area. We treated Bill since he was also disappointed to not catch fish.

In the afternoon, we finished up our boat chores. The boat needs a washdown and engine flushing no matter what ends up in the cooler. Soon, we hit the pool.

Here are the kids showing us every single jump known to mankind.

The kids loved it that Mommy and Daddy had time to enjoy the pool with them. (picture edited for G-rating- ha ha- Jack hates when I photoshop.)

Now, we're getting ready for dinner and in an hour, the shuttle will launch. We only need to walk to the edge of the yard to get the complete view down the street. When we moved, we actually moved much closer to the VAB building and the shuttle launch area.

It's been a beautiful day inspite the off & on showers. There is always something fun to do in Florida.

Edited to add:

Here, I'm leaving you with a series of photos that I took of the shuttle, Atlantis, leaving earth and heading to the International Space Station.

This is our first shuttle viewing from our new home.

This would have been the angle of the shuttle from our driveway. Not bad, but still you miss the best part when the shuttle is closest to the ground thanks to our superb tree coverage.

Our boat had a great view. ha ha

Have a wonderful weekend with your family,

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Angela said...

Robin, that is a really neat collage of the shuttle launch photos. Thanks for sharing it!