Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fish in a Basket - not fried!
First up, let me say these pictures are taken w/o permission, but credited to "Fishon", who is in the Keys right now. Fishon is a trailer salesman in the Cocoa area. (Tripletail caught in pink basket.)

This was too funny not to share. Tripletail are famous for floating under or around debris. This one got a little too close to the basket and tipped it over, getting stuck inside.

Fishon was kind enough to retrieve the basket with his gaff.
They took a few pictures for posterity and then released the fish to live another day. Thankfully for Mr. Tripletail, he was not inducted into the Darwin Hall of Fame for dumb fish stunts that land you on the grill.

Here is a little Biblical reenactment of how our summer is going. The boys thought they'd like to share this with you all.

Sister Martha - always the worrier about cleaning up the house.

Here is Sister Mary - who spends all her time in prayer.

Now this always angers Sister Martha because she really wants Sister Mary to help clean the house.

Sister Martha retaliates instead of praying by giving bunny ears to Sister Mary. As you can see, Sister Mary is caught unaware as she is praising Jesus.
They're not having too much fun, are they? What is it about a towel on the head that makes you into a saint?
Ahhhhh........... I told Captain Jack that we've definitely bought the right house. My boys are loving the pool. They're so worn out by bedtime. I'm loving the pool and my tan. Jack is loving his wife walking around in a bathing suit all the time.
Yep, we bought the right house.

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Connordog said...

You guys are having way too much fun~!!! I'm jealous being stuck inside at work.