Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/1-4/06 SHARK WEEK on Discovery channel

Here's a few of our pictures of catching sharks. Btw, Jack is going fishing tomorrow with co-workers and I hope that he will have a few pictures and fish stories to share with me. Saturday, we will probably venture out as a family and see what we can catch.

Jack and a Bonnet hammerhead

M with a baby hammerhead off the 20 ft reef of Port Canaveral

Here is another better view of the hammer. He is using the proper holding technique by keeping the tail still with one hand and holding the neck region to keep the 'business' end from curling up and biting him in the arm or hand.

His cousin from Atlanta is looking on. I wish we could have stayed longer for him to get a shark.

Here I am holding a spinner shark. They don't grow much bigger than this. They look very similar to the young blk tip shark, which gets much bigger as an adult. This is the 2nd and last shark that we took to eat.

I have found shark to taste nice but I can't get the yucky smell out of my nose from the cleaning process. Definitely not worth the meat for me. Plus, knowing that sharks are being fished into extinction has given way to our decision to release all sharks caught. They make wonderful sport if they are smaller. We have seen some over 5 ft sharks swimming but thankfully haven't caught anything larger than the first hammerhead pictured above. They are really grumpy at boatside when trying to release them.

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