Friday, August 04, 2006

8/4/06 - Jack and Bill take on Flounder!

Jack called at 6am that he was 15 minutes from home. I have to admit it felt like a rude awakening after being awoken a couple times last night by rowdy neighbors. I told Jack that I'd still be in the bed when he got home, afterall, he already had the boat hooked up to the suburban. We hung up and I laid there in bed trying to fall back asleep. My body was not going to have any of that as my mind raced about having a guest in the house at 6:15! I did pick up the living room and more importantly, the boys' bathroom. Still, in less than 5 minutes, I was up and for whatever reason, putting on a little bit of make-up. Then, I was dressed and about to start making sandwiches when our dog started using his warning bark. I opened the door for the Captain and his First Mate of the Day, Bill. Our boxer does all the entertaining and Jack runs to change clothes and I hit the kitchen to put together food, snacks, drinks and plenty of water. Soon, the boat is loaded and the guys are gone and I'm sitting alone on the couch at 6:50, waiting for the boys' alarm clock to buzz.

They picked up bait on Bouy #4 with No. 4 & 6 sabikis. Plenty of sardines and other bait there. After filling the livewell, they headed to 40 ft of water and trolled live baits for kingfish. Kingfish have been very elusive for us. Can't seem to pick up one even when that's the only thing biting on top of the water. Anyhow, 20 minutes later, the line starts screaming and Bill starts reeling in line. It was a nice long fight, but no sky-rocketing jumps, which means no kingfish or mahi mahi. Bill brings in a very intimidating 4 ft barracuda (1 ft of razor teeth) which is quickly released boatside.

Trolling continues all the way out to 120 ft of water with nothing to show for it. Back in to the bouys for a couple last ditch attempts for a tripletail. Jack sends down a livie (bait) and bam! Flounder! Bill takes control of the boat while Jack sends down another livie. Bam! Another Flounder! Next, Jack takes the helm and Bill sends down 2 more livies and 2 more flounder come up. Overall, they caught 7 flounder, releasing the smaller 3 to grow up for another day.

I put in a fork for reference on the size of these guys. Not doormats but they were certainly respectable table fare for our home. After a long summer of updwelling of 62 deg cold water and no activity of fish on top of the water, it was nice to not get skunked. We will be heading back tomorrow morning to fill up the freezer with the rest of the flounder on the bottom. Flounder make wonderful sandwiches.


Flounder, halibut and the like can be left-eyed or right-eyed. All 4 of Jack's were lefties, meaning the right eye migrated shortly after birth to the left side of the fish. Flounders are born like any other fish with eyes on both side.

Because of their strange anatomy, on the smaller flounder, only the dark side has substantial meat for filets. The white side is trashed with the bones. Also, you can see fairly clearly on the white side that the lateral line starts with a hump over the pectoral fin before making a straight line down to the tail. The lateral line helps the fish to be sensitive to movement around him. Flounder have some sharp teeth and a tongue. You want to be careful to not get bit with most oceanic species.

Happy fishing and hope to have another flounder report tomorrow.


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