Saturday, August 19, 2006

8/18/06 Kingfish & Smoking fish

Friday morning, Jack left out with coworkers aboard the FIRST CHOICE. They stopped at the buoys for bait, which was hard to come by. From there, they went to Pelican Flats and realized they forgot to start the baitwell's pump. All but 4 baits were dead. Thankfully, they came across a HUGE line of weeds and sabiki'd more live baits. Unfortunately, there were no delicious mahi mahi or other big game fish hanging out. The sun never came fully out and so it made for a difficult day of fishing, although the ocean was flat & no t-storms.

Bill caught a 8-9 lb barracuda. Fun catch & release. John caught a 7 lb kingfish. Jack never had his opportunity to reel something in. That happens sometimes on a slow day when you're the captain.

Here is picture of my son holding John's fish.

Jack and I are smoking the fish today to make dip for him to bring into work. We did that last week with the other fish and the guys all loved it.

First the fish is fileted, washed and seasoned. Here is the meat from this 7 lb fish. As you can see, there is plenty to feed a medium-sized family.

We also take this opportunity to smoke a cut chicken. All this meat may last us most of a week.

Here it is on the smoker.

Jack is adding the wet mesquite wood to the smoker to add the flavoring. Before long, the smoke is pumping out of the top pipe. The smoking of meat is done slowly and with indirect heat. The flames should never touch the meat.

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