Friday, July 28, 2006

7/28/06 Sea World, Third time's the charm

We took a rather spontaneous trip back to Sea World this morning. I LOVE having the Fun Card which gets us in for free the rest of the year. Btw, the thermocline is still in our fishing grounds with temps on the bottom at 62 degrees. Fishing is sloooooow right now, so we're doing other things fishy.

Here is the Dolphin Nursery tank. Many babies had been moved to the big tank, but these were the late bloomers.

Here is Little M at the stingray tank, petting them. He did not care to feed them shrimp but he was satisfied with touching and holding onto their wings. I had to remind him to not be so firm.

Sometimes, they would come up to us and give us a direct splash right in the face. It was very intentional and the kids loved it.

I love this one of the stingray eating the shrimp out of Big M's hand.

Dad and son on the Atlantis ride - again. They really love getting splashed. My youngest rode it once two years ago and refuses to ever try again.

The Clyde and Seamus Show is definitely the funniest show at Sea World. Get there early because the Pirate Mime guy starts his act w/ heckling the crowd 10 minutes before the real show. Tonight, Seamus didn't get a few of his 'lines' right and so the show was hysterical. He ran off the 'stage' area before his one line and left the actor/trainer hanging. We practically had tears in our eyes and our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, I think this is the funniest show ever. The mime before it starts is hilarious. It gets even better once the action begins.