Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bait Identification from the bait caught on 8/5/06

For education purposes, we do our best to I.D. animals to understand who they are, where they live, what part of the food chain they live in and where do they stand conservation-wise. Most fishermen would lump the names of these fish as "livies". We caught 4 main types of bait today. I have 3 of them with pictures. We only had 1 blue runner which went on the first hook for the flounder.

This is a sardine. It has a emerald-colored green back and yellow tail. They die REALLY quickly with mishandling. This was the bait of choice for us today.

This is a baby Jack, likely Crevelle. There were literally thousands of these in the water. Our port has a large population of these fish that love to live around the rocks and lockes. A blue runner is similar but with an electric blue topside.

This fish we can't seem to ID in our books, yet. It is certainly a larger species of baitfish. Fishermen say this is the choice bait for Kingfish. We put this one out under the balloon first and it seemed to also be choice for baby sharks too.

This is an extra - no charge. :o) My son was watching a nibble being taken.

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