Friday, August 18, 2006

8/17/06 COOL(er) SHOTS

Jack and his favorite fishing, coworker buddies are offshore as I type this today. However, I wanted to quickly log into the blog that yesterday we did a bit of maintenance to FIRST CHOICE (our boat). Jack received some reissued rebates from West Marine ($30) and so we bought some stainless steel hardware and a fuel filter. Part of owning a boat is the continuous upkeep on it. Anyone mechanically challenged should probably just hitch a ride with other boaters and bring plenty of cash. LOL. Between jarring waves, salt & sun, oceanic boats need TLC often. The Captain usually takes the day before any journey to repair anything that has become faulty the previous trip.

The boys and I are staying home and schooling as quickly as possible. I love getting the call from hubby saying that he's at the Port. I almost always ask what he's caught. Sometimes he tells me the truth and sometimes he tells me only half-truths and I am surprised by extra fish in the cooler. In some ways, it's like Christmas presents under the tree. I can't wait to see what's there.

Happy Fishing! The Cobia are coming back through!


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