Monday, July 24, 2006

7/23/06 Sunday cruise with friends

After church and lunch at KFC, we headed out for a short ride up and down the Indian River and through the local canal that connects the Banana and Indian rivers.

We headed north first and came too close to the bridge of 'death'! LOL. Jack says that they had guns drawn because the tip of the nose of our boat came close to drifting under the bridge before our reverse took effect. I'm so glad that I did not see guns. About the time I read the sign on the bridge (way too small), we heard the man on the banks yell at us.

Anyhow, here is the picture of the bridge of "Do NOT Enter!" Kennedy Space Center's property.

We headed back south, saw a few dolphins and then turned west for the canal. We took a slow ride, waving at folks along the way.

It mostly was to have a relaxing cruise, run the engine for a short while, then head back home. Only, we ran into a little shower. The first one wasn't bad and we certainly had a lot of sun otherwise. After we were back in the river, it was telling that serious showers were building. We put up the eisenglass curtains up for rain pelting protection. Another 30 minutes or so later, we were back at the docks and I was dropped off to get the suburban and trailer dunked into the water. Nice job backing between a lot of heavy dock traffic. (patting myself on the back)

So, Jack put the boat perfectly on the trailer as lightening was striking all around us. Not fun! We got the kids (& neighbors) into the 'burb while we took down some equipment and then headed to the bee-line. Unfortunately, so did everybody else that was enjoying the water, beaches and sun that day. It was a big parking lot and appeared that somebody had a fender bender accident delaying us more.

Still, it was a fun and safe day on the water. I saw one manatee at a distance and the dolphin were extremely shy too. We were trying to show off all the waterlife to our neighbors (first time on our boat) and nothing came out to play.

Here are some pictures of our day
Our first light shower. Did not have time to take pictures of the bigger electrical ones that we hit 30 minutes later.

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Javejayne said...

Stopping by from the SL forums . . .
I have only been to the Cape once in my life . . . in high school and that seems like a lifetime ago. You have a lovely family. And good job on backing up the trailer. :D