Thursday, July 27, 2006

7/27/06 Ms. Bettye goes home with Jesus

This is my first non-fishy related post on my blog but I really needed to write and release this. Our pastor's wife, Bettye Grace, left all her worldly possessions and loved ones behind today to go sit at the feet of Jesus. She no longer suffers from kidney failure. She never has to worry about her diabetes any more. Her joyful heart will never have to be restarted and reset to the right rhythm. And her broken hip and bed sores will cease to exist because heaven is a beautiful place where we have no more tears. We have no more pain. We suffer for nothing.

Our Savior has prepared us mansions that never deteriorate or get blown down by hurricanes. The streets are paved with gold with never a pothole. The walls are layered in precious jewels. The gates are cut from giganic pearls. And the most fantastic, digital, hi-definition music will come into my ears at all times.

As I tell my children, there are no fingerprints or layers of dust in heaven. We don't have to worry about allergies or asthma there. It never turns night because of God's glory. We will sing praises to our Lord with all the angels. We will give a shout when another soul chooses to live for Jesus. There is only peace and contentment. And one day, when I head for my mansion, Ms. Bettye will be there to kiss my cheek and give me a hug. No longer from her hospital bed or wheel chair, but face to face.

I will never be able to hear the song, "Precious Memories" without thinking of her bent over weeping for someone or some moment, long ago.

Ms. Bettye Grace, you will be sorely missed.

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