Saturday, July 08, 2006

7/8/06 No-Go on Fishing today

We had gone to bed semi-optimistic about fishing but by 5am, both Capt Jack and Mike (our buddy boat friend) called it off. Infact, most the guys on the fishing forum called off their trips out as well. By 10am, it was a lake out there on the Atlantic, nice partly cloudy day. It almost seemed like we had made a bad call. I must admit, I waivered quite a bit. Jack went about his day with honey-do's. We re-did the yard, pruning trees, fix the lawnmower, look at the problem with the swingset yet again to see if it was salvageable.

As it turned out, it did end up raining off/on all day. No thunder storms but lots of rain.

We had cobia for lunch, off the grill. It was vacuum-packed 3 months ago (my big 22 lb cobia) and was still as fresh as the day we caught it. I decided a few weeks ago to become vegan for my health, but I still will eat fish. I could not go without my delicious fish!

Anyhow, after lunch, Jack picked up a couple more bottles of boat hull cleaner (w/ acid in it) and cleaned the inside of the boat. WOW! What a difference. All those greasy fingerprints that were put on it while working on that old Laser engine are gone! It looks nearly brand new. Well,..... younger than 18 years old. I'll have to get a picture of it tomorrow and add it here later. For now, here is a picture of it dirty from the other week.

Sometimes it amazes me how that boat make the suburban look small.

Monday looks like a possibility for a half day of fishing but we'd have to miss the early morning bite. After that, we are expecting 5-7 ft waves with some front coming through. Maybe it is just as well we don't fish and I can get a full week of schooling in with the boys.

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