Wednesday, July 19, 2006

7/19/06 Flat seas and a Birthday Party

I checked the current bouy data and the seas 20 nm offshore are 1.6 ft waves at 8 second period. Wind wave is .7 ft. That equates to flat as a pancake or sometimes referred to as Lake Atlantic. So, why in the world am I here reporting nothing when I could be fishing?

Couple reasons: 1. Slow to nil bite continues 2. Bottom temperature is 61 degrees (thermocline) 3. Jack is getting his yearly physical today. 4. We are going to surprise him with his birthday gift when he gets back in. 5. Gas prices are too high to not count on getting fish in the boat. 6. I have to write up my lessons for Team Kids program tonight. I'm not usually a procrastinator but I've spent the past 2 days reading my material for it but hadn't had a time to begin writing it.

I'll report back later on what we got the Captain for his birthday (which is in a few days but we can't wait....).

Also a special notation: It was 14 yrs ago today that I met my husband.

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