Saturday, February 19, 2011


by Robin

Legislation is always wordy & confusing at best. But thankfully, I have a friend who is a lawyer who reads all this stuff for us and explains it in fisherman talk. ha ha. So, here it here is the scoreboard for all of you who are going out this weekend. It is a beautiful weekend!!


Red Snapper - closed
Grouper - closed 'til April
Vermillion closed 'til March
Seabass - closed 'til June
Warsaw grouper - closed indefinitely
Snowy grouper - 1 per boat (although I read it was closed along w/ warsaw)
Cobia - 1 - state waters, 2 - federal waters per person, BUT they trying to make it closed to 1/boat no matter where you caught it.
98' - 240' bottom fishing - back open; closure proposals are permanently killed!! Yeah.
Catch- Share funding - DEAD!

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