Sunday, October 31, 2010

by Robin

Last weekend, we sold our suv and were going to go looking at a couple used ones on a car lot. We ended up taking a detour when seeing a roadside sign.

I'm glad I brought my camera with me. They had a peeling shrimp contest to raise money & awareness for breast cancer.


A dozen or more folks entered the peel (& NOT eat shrimp because of choking liabilities) shrimp contest.


This man was the winner. He sure was quick. I think he's done this before.

Afterward, we were heading to the car when we ran into our friends who fished at the Middle Grounds. We chatted a while longer and then headed home.

The next day, we found a good beater SUV to haul the boat to the port. Yeah!!

Happy Fishing & be sure to get a Mammogram Lady Anglers!!

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Kat said...

Some day, babe, we are gonna come visit you. It's been too long since I've checked in...but looks like you've been doing some good eatin' the last few months! Hope you continue to be in good health, lady! Your pics make us long for Florida!