Wednesday, October 27, 2010

by Robin

It's been way too long since I've updated here, but we've actually had several cool things going on with our lives, relating to the ocean. So, all week, I will attempt to keep everyone updated on our seafood meals & fishing. Please check back daily to see what's new.

The weekend of the 19th, I had a massive cornea infection, cracking the entire bottom part of my iris. At the same time, I had a gall bladder attack through the night. So, I immediately went into fasting in order to do a cleansing on that organ a couple days later. (passing stones)

It was a miserable few days where I hallucinated somewhere between wanting death and having my eyeball removed so I could look like a pirate. I had to stay in the darkness, as I was light sensitive. I had multiple visits to doctors & specialists and all is well now. (It really helps to have a correct diagnosis on my eye issues.)

So, the next weekend, Jack and I were needing some sun and relaxation. After church, we readied the boat for the river and put her through her paces. The boys were happy about getting to stay home, too.

I cannot tell you how good it felt to bask in the sun's rays and be thankful to God for better health. God delivered a splendor of blue & puffy white clouds - all for me.


The camera simply does not do the rippling effect any justice. It was majestic.


It was a quick hour or so, but the winds picked up. The engine had been exercised. We headed back to the local ramp that is known for many engine-less, wind-powered rentals. Many locals like this area because it is shallow, virtually boat-free and seems to attract much wind.

I caught this photo with my zoom lens of a wind surfer as we were in the slow zone. I put an impressionist touch photoshopped onto it.


It's hard to believe that was a month already.


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