Saturday, November 15, 2008

by Robin

NASA- Troy Crider Photo above - NASA by Troy Crider

I'm not sure there is just one word I can use to describe how beautiful last night's launch was. It was straight out of a Spielberg movie between a clear sky, perfectly hung full moon in the backdrop and a launch that lit up the sky, brighter than the sun. I don't know if NASA thought about the moon when they planned their launch window or if God did that as a little message of saying "I still create good things".

Photo above - Reuters

Either way, it made for one magical night for the thousands of viewers last night. My heart was bursting with pride for our country and for our brave astronauts who take this risk to serve a greater cause.

Next two photos: NASA & AP

Endeavour mission is to do a makeover on the ISS. They will have a 5 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 kitchen home when it is all over. Oh and please,..... please NASA, make sure you put in a nice plasma flat screen with a Wii or Guitar hero or something!! With all our technology, you think they'd give them something else to do besides catch M-n-M's darting around the room.


Here is the AP article here.

I didn't bother with my own camera because it doesn't do night skies well. I did my best to search for the best that internet had taken and offer them, with credit, here. Enjoy!!!

Photo below by HapsInFL (blogger). This is more like what we saw from the empty lot at the corner of King's Hwy & US 1. Top left would be the shuttle a couple minutes into take-off and heading out over the Atlantic ocean. Moon to the right.

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