Monday, November 10, 2008

MR. HOLLYWOOD has the Magic Touch!
by Robin

Our waitress at Grills, the waterside restaurant, kept calling our son, Mr. Hollywood cuz he never took his sunglasses off through lunch.

Anyhow, he won the friendly, family competition. He got the first fish, most fish and largest fish. Congrats Little Man.

This is a Jack Crevelle, which is inedible by most standards. Fun fight & pretty yellow fins.

Once again, the cobalt blue Shakespeare Firebird is the hot pole on a cold day, where pretty much, the entire bite was shut down due to the overnight front moving into the area. We couldn't pick up a flounder for nothing around the locks. I couldn't even get a puffer or catfish to bite. Oh well.

We did put 62 gallons of fuel in the boat for next time we go out. Many friends went out on Saturday and loaded up on Red Snapper. Weather was pretty nice for them. Today, the wind was blowing hard & it was nippy early on but warmed up in the afternoon. We still were waiting on our selanoid part to fix the trim tabs. Offshore wasn't an option for us regardless of weather conditions.

More blogging to continue tomorrow. I have stories. We also did trailer work on Sun afternoon that I want to mention. Oh and I have an amazing couple sunset pictures.

Happy Fishing!

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Knatolee said...

Mr.Hollywood did some impressive fishing!