Saturday, November 29, 2008

BLACK FRIDAY!!!! - bringing home the goods!
by Robin

If you're here to hear about shopping deals, you're thinking wrong. We did back to back trips out (Thurs/Friday). Thursday, we pulled in over 50 short Snapper, no exaggeration. Went home "skunked" and with one child green. (Note to self: never play a Gameboy on a rocking boat) Friday, it took some bribery to get my youngest back out on a boat but it turned out to be more beautiful than Thursday and we tried different locations and different tricks. It all paid off. I've got to go help Jack with boat & fish chores but I'll post up pictures later in the day and throughout the weekend.

3 Red Snapper
6 or 7 Lane Snapper
1 Mangrove Snapper
1 Kingfish

3 sharks
1 remora
50+ small red snapper
1 Kingfish

Cobia are just north of our fishing area so hopefully that will be in our future. I thought I saw a smaller on Thursday but he kept on going and I was already fighting a shark. Friday, I'm pretty certain I saw a Manta Ray jump partially out of the water. We couldn't relocate him once we got the boat turned around.

Happy Fishing!! There are some very happy fishermen in our area this week.

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