Thursday, June 19, 2008

by Robin

We drove up to St. Augustine today for a little family get-away. We had two purposes. First, find a piece of art that we loved and would want to see on our big wall in the LR. Secondly, visit the historic city, see Fort Castillo and visit the lighthouse.

Well, the first gallery we visited ended up being the one we came back to after walking all over cobblestone in 90+ deg heat. It was down to a half-dozen pictures all painted by Tripp Harrison. It was so hard but we narrowed it down to this one. I'm in love with the peacefulness in the shade this one gave us. It's called "Keys Whaler." (Whaler is the boat in the middle.)

Ok, so then we had a little problem. We really liked so much of his work. It was hard to walk away with just one. So, Jack thought it would be ok to get a smaller print of this one too.

"Leaving Bimini"
But, my 2nd choice was still sitting on the floor. It reminds me so much of a weathered house on stilts that we saw in Cedar Key. The lady at the desk said this was a true place in Miami called "Stiltsville." I really liked it but we didn't need 3 pictures. So........

We ended up getting a mini of this for my school room. The colors are going to look fantabulous with my green walls. Maybe it can sit opposite of my mini of Cedar Key's Dock Street.
I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to post up pictures of St. Augustine over the weekend.


Renee said...

They are beautiful!

I am glad you had such a wonderful day!

Love you to pieces,


Becky said...

The art you chose is lovely, my favorite is the large one you chose for you living room. Looks so peaceful!
Looks like y'all had a great day in St. Augustine, we need to go again soon too. We also went to the Fort, the kids enjoyed it. We also went to the Fountain of Youth, but were very disappointed. I want to go to Anastasia Island next, have you been there? Is it worth going?