Monday, June 02, 2008


Have you ever looked deep into the mouth of a cobia? I am so glad that I took this picture because last night, I was trying to remember if I had that fish hooked well or not. Yep, looks like she (Edna?) swallowed the hook pretty well.

Here is a picture of the sub that came into port the same time we did. Well, infact, we beat it into the port and almost cleared past the basin where it would have turned in, but Deputy Barney Fife of the Ocean ran lights, sirens and screamed for us to leave out the port. OK??? He sends up right back toward the sub and a couple tenths of a mile to go back at the south end of the rocks. Thirty - fifty more feet forward and we'd be past the naval basin. Make sense to you? Me neither. He yelled so harshly at us (with machine guns on his front deck) I thought we'd be boarded and ticketed, but he went back to his position. How scary and intimidating for young kids to witness. Gee...... we don't exactly look like terrorists.

Last but not least, no sooner did we get in the port and we had to pull over to allow Sovereign of the Seas to pass by. Everybody watches us. We watch them. We all wave. I wanted to open the fish box but that may be bragging a bit. It wasn't until the massive thing passed that I thought to grab the camera. I wish I had done it as they were next to us. Nothing makes your boat feel small like being next to a cruiser.

I'll have shuttle pictures on the soon.

Happy Fishing!

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