Tuesday, June 03, 2008

G to PG-Rated FOLKS!!
by Robin

It never ceases to amaze me that I get google hits from people looking up perverse stuff. I blogged once about a nudist beach in our area. It was totally g-rated, no pics and wish I had never blogged about it. Somebody found me looking for nude family pictures.

Some person googles "dolphin fishing sexy women" and somehow links to me. Now, I love to dolphin fishing and sometimes I do it in a bathing suit, and I am a woman, but, but BUT, you will not see the likes of anything so scandelous on my blog. Anything slightly revealing gets photoshopped or cropped for modesty reasons. (Btw, they got "sexy" by my saying my husband was James Bond-sexy with parking the boat.) I really must be more careful with my word choices.

So, if you've found me looking for something unwholesome, click out. You won't find it on either of my sites. We are Christians trying to do our best to represent our Lord & Savior. Please....... get yourself some help.

Back to fishing........

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