Wednesday, January 16, 2008

(Left: pic of the boat prior to makeover)
It looks as if a big storm is blowing through the next 2 days so we will not be able to sand & paint on the cuddy Thurs & Friday. Possibly, we'll be able to continue working on the windows and the teak in the garage though.

Saturday's weather will be drier but too cold to paint. Temps have to be above 70 for the paint to harden.

Today, Jack is getting some flat white paint for the cockpit (AKA back fishing area). You don't want a heavy shine in the area where you will be fishing because it will blind you. That is another reason why we didn't go with the whitest white for the entire boat. Snow White is more like an eggshell color. Clean but non-blinding in the sun.

Happy Fishing,
PS: Cobia season starts in approx 6 wks!

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