Friday, January 18, 2008

by Robin
Our theme lately has been two-steps forward and one-step back. Jack did a wonderful job on revamping the livewell.
He painted it blue yesterday, which I love and hopefully soothes the bait fish. That dried during dinner and when he put a clear coat on to protect the blue, it had a reaction inspite of it not suppose to be having one. That will have to be sanded and repainted again. Grrr.

Here he is sanding the spider cracks out of the top lid. All those have been filled and lid is awaiting painting.

It's still raining today. Good weather for ducks but not for paint.
Jack took off the old brown paint, primed the outside with green (?? name). It is similar to the type we put on the fuel tank back in Feb '07, but not the exact same. Tonight, they will be painted black to match our canvas top and the black striping.

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