Monday, January 21, 2008

by Robin

Victory dancing here!!

BEFORE: Here is how she looked the day we pulled it all off. Windows are faded brown. Creamy off-white paint job which shows 20 yrs of aging. Everything is still on the instrument panel & door on.

AFTER: Everything was removed on the helm and is going to be flush-mounted. (flat into a nice piece of wood or starboard) I'm going to sand down the door during my spare time this week when the boys want to ride bikes outside. Most of that has to be done by hand. Helm will probably get painted later this week.

Far off view. Better in focus.
Close-up. I love the matching black. The windows are tinted. See how the cuddy is white and the gunnels (sides) are cream? That is getting painted soon. Trim around those cuddy windows (barely seen in bottom right of pic) while get black trim hand-painted onto it.

So this make us approx. 2/3rds through the project. Plenty of work left to do but at least she doesn't look like a yard ornament any more.
Happy Fishing!

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