Monday, January 14, 2008

GRRRRRR - Paint Job Post-Rain
Jack is going to die when he sees these pics. I pulled back the cover to see what damage we had to the paint job the other night. One stinkin' little cloud with a few rather large drops of water in it, five hours after being painted.
It is painful to look at these. We were not going for the giraffe look. This is a perfectly dry boat. Those are not fresh water spots.

We didn't even put the blue tarp back on the boat until after 9pm. That's around 12 hrs after the paint job and yet, if you zoom in on the picture, you'll see blue specks.

It all has to be resanded and repainted - AGAIN.

One stinkin' cloud. Somebody make the pain stop. (in my worse whiney voice)

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