Thursday, October 04, 2007

I cannot tell you how good it feels to get to this day. It arrived much sooner than I thought. The outside of the transom was done being fiberglas filled & sanded. It's time to load the spray paint gun.

As a note, spider cracks may look like nothing but if they are not properly dug out and refilled with new fiberglass, they will come back to haunt you. Now the area is restrengthened.

Here Jack is applying the first coat of primer to the entire backside. We were blessed that the wind was cooperative and blew everything to the north (into the woods). The lovebugs were blown away by a side fan. We didn't have any major storms come through - Yipee!!
Prior to priming, it was thoroughly cleaned with acetone. Ladies, we couldn't use enough acetone in a lifetime for our fingernails for what this project call for! We stuffed the 3 main drain holes with rags to prevent primer from going inside. The 4th (bottom drain) was taped over. That black tube hanging down holds all the wires attaching to the engine. It was impossible to remove.

We will not be painting the boat until the entire outside is completely primed. We are in the process of trying to secure a 'bay' to paint in. We found a place not too far away that rents by the day. If so, we'll rent out 2-3 days and paint all at once.

Me...... I pretty much stayed inside the whole day except to take the pictures. Too many wifely duties to do.

PS: Feel free to double-click on any pictures to expand them.

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