Thursday, October 11, 2007


GREEN - I walked outside to find my blue pool turned green. I have to run to the pool store for YELLOW OUT to kill the algea bloom. It is now back to a cloudy blue.

DARK GREEN - I picked my first green bell pepper. I also picked a couple of my tallest basil sprigs and made homemade PESTO!!

BLACK AND BLUE - The other day I rammed my shoulder into the tongue of the boat trailer after bending over to get an electrical cord. The trailer won. I feel like I have some good bruising going on although it is hard to see and I'll spare you a picture. Also, my eldest son will be sporting some colorful bruising on his elbows and knees after wiping out on his bike. Blood was minimal but some skin is missing.


Somebody is riding no hands.

One even loves NY. (I force him to wear this, since he is a Floridian thru and thru)

RED, WHITE and BLUE - We saw an American Bald Eagle flying over our house this afternoon. What an honor to have one live so close to us.

WHITE - Jack is totallyy dusted over in white. He sanded down both sides of the boat today. He will be looking for any nicks that need filling tomorrow. Also, we are having our friend John B come over to help take the boat off the trailer and put it on the wooden blocks.

Here is Jackson's new Fall Harvest picture. I always thought ORANGE & PURPLE went well with his fawn & white coat.

PRAYING tonight for Renee's adoptions to go through the Ghana courts tomorrow. May your light shine upon all.
Happy Fishing,

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Genny said...

Robin, I loved reading your colorful post. I saw a bald eagle on my walk yesterday! They nest up and down the rivers here in NC. What a joy it was to see. I stopped and watched him fly over me until he was gone from view. I also saw a BLUE heron on my walk.