Saturday, October 27, 2007


Even with not feeling well, my Dad still went out fishing this past week. THIS is where I get my love of fishing. It started in the cold north. Lake Erie and the Niagara River were my original fishing grounds as a child. Dad took us fishing all the time. I learned to bait worms on my hooks. I have a lot of fond memories of fishing. We also took vacations in Canada where we girls learned to catch minnows with oatmeal and fish in the boat houses. Our other favorite vacation spot was in Maine where we spent hours catching crabs with old fish heads tied to a string. Our record was something like 118 crabs in a single day. Our rental was next to a Seafood Market and we would pick out fresh lobsters for dinner. Those were great days, weren't they Dad?

Now, my parents are semi-retired on the great Lake Lanier and enjoy fishing almost weekly. One day, Mom and I were talking outboard engines and I thought to myself, "Gee, not many girls can do this with their moms." My Dad and I compare fish tales -the one that got away.

The picture of Dad is from last week. This picture of me is from Thanksgiving 2005. I got a double-header fishing with Jack and Dad that day.
Happy Fishing,

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Genny said...

Robin, some of my best childhood memories include fishing in the Niagara River and Lake Erie too. We would drive down to Batavia to fish off the big cement pier. It was loads of fun. I haven't been fishing in a couple of years, but I still love to go. Thanks for the memories.