Saturday, October 13, 2007

3 point - BLOCKING

The first thing I want to say is Thank you to God for keeping everybody safe and alive during this process. This was NOT an easy process. Jack and his friend are professionals with large equipment and aircraft. They both have lots of experience with boats. Please do not attempt this if you are unsure of what you are doing.

First picture has the hoist w/ 2 chains to the back end for a safety. They also used a 3 ton jack for moving the boat off the rollers. Wooden blocks were inserted to stand the boat up on the back end. Out safety hoist was 'chucked' to stabilize and was left in place through the entire process.

Here we are a couple hrs later. Having all these rollers and tandem (2) axel (wheels) trailer increased our difficulty. The trailer also provides a certain amount of 'safety catch' and once, the boat dropped onto it. It took my heart about 15 min to stabilize.

What you don't see is that we also had a 20 ton jack and my hair graying through this process.

In the bottom part of the 2nd picture, the guys have given up on the rollers, which are to be removed when converting the trailer to a wooden bunk style. So, those back rollers were cut off about the 3rd to 4th hour of the process.

In the 3rd set of pics, the trailer is gone and the boat is on 3 points. However, that front set of blocks is much too far back to storing this way. At this point, I had to walk away. I had the boys go for a bike ride while I walked up the street. To see Jack and John crawl under the boat without the safety of the trailer was too much for me. Even our neighbors came out to watch the final 15 min.

When I came back from my walk, the blocks were repositioned and we sent John home for rest. Jack and I cleaned up the area. We retarped (blue) that entire boat to prevent rain from leaking in. At this point, nobody is allowed in the boat.
Our goal is to have it sanded & painted in 2 wks. Yesterday, Jack ordered 2 'bunks' for the trailer from the area sawmill. This will prevent further black-mark scuffing that those rollers were doing to the bottom of our boat. The wooden bunks will be covered with a special carpet to prevent paint damage.

Last but not least..... my poor garage. It has taken the brunt of this project. I have made a list of the equipment and boat pieces that have taken over any footspace. This doesn't even include the stuff that I moved back to the shed.
Jack is back to work for a few days so I can rest some and color my hair back to its normal color. I'm sure I'll have a few more anxiety attacks as Jack worked on the bottom side of the boat these couple of weeks. I'll have to pull out some Scriptures on peace and assurance for those times.
Happy Fishing & boating,

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